Multi-Award-Winning versatile Dairy Geyser which offers dry steam sterilisation and instant dairy hot water 

  • Endless supply of hot water up to 30 litres per minute
  • Heats only the water you use so huge savings on fuel bills
  • Temperature control from ambient to 150 degrees
  • Heats water on low pressure 1 to 7 bar or you can hook up your power washer to a maximum of 500 bar
  • Installed in minutes
  • Works in perfect sync with automatic bulk tank wash
  • Mobile or stationary models
  • Automatic bulk tank cleaning and sterilisation
  • Feeding calves with milk replacer
  • Power washing at high temperatures


REDUCE your Water Dairy Cost by up to 75%

The ultimate answer to your dairy hot water requirements.



  • Up to 30 litres of hot water per minute
  • Instant from ambient to 80 degrees 
  • Used in conjunction with pressure washer from ambient to 150 degrees  
  • Ideal for control of Clostridium and Johne's disease 
  • Essential to use high temperature water with chlorine free detergents to control T.B.C's and Thermodurics
  • Easy installation and service
  • Mobile or stationary unit

Usage / Savings:

Usage / Per Annum

Savings Per Annum versus Electricity Usage

100,000 litres


150,000 litres


200,000 litres


250,000 litres


Savings are compared to electric power used at 50% Day Rate and 50% Night Rate.

High Volume 

Dairy Geyser 20 Litres

Output at 75˚

1 Minute

20 litres

2 Minutes

40 litres

10 Minutes

200 litres

1 Hour

1200 litres

NOTE:  *These savings are based on current cost of diesel versus electricity used at 50% day/50% night rate

Why Buy A Geyser

Why buy a Dairy Geyser?

  • Only oil fuelled heater on the market.
  • Result: Up to 75% savings as against the traditional electrical heating systems.
  • Only heater that can produce sufficient quantities of potable hot water at adequately high temperatures to guarantee low bacterial count including Thermodurics.
  • Result: No monetary deduction from milk cheque.
  • Only heater that can recirculate hot detergent for multiple washes.
  • Result: Reduces detergent costs by up to 75% and reduces residues by 75% to environment.
  • Lowest carbon emissions of any heater on the market.
  • Only machine that lends itself to multiple uses on the market e.g. pressure washing to control Clostridium and Johnes disease.
  • Only machine on the market that qualifies on its own for TAMS grant of €880.
  • Only machine that can be fitted and serviced by user.

Return to Farmer:


The  versatile Dairy Geyser offers dry steam sterilisation and instant dairy hot water.  It was awarded the overall Gold Medal Winner - Dairy Innovation Product Of The Year at the 2017 Millstreet Show in Cork

The award winning Dairy Geyser is Irish owned and was developed in Cobh, Co. Cork by Martin Deady

An important note to add is that the Dairy Geyser hot water boiler is TAMS-approved for grant aid

Follow the link below for the full article:


Dairy Geyser Ltd., have been awarded the Agri Tech Start Up Award at the Innovation Awards at the 87th Annual Ploughing Championships in Screggan, Tullamore.

Pictured are Syl Lyster, Dairy Geyser; Minister Pat Breen TD, Anna May McHugh, NPA Managing Director; Martin Deady, Dairy Geyser; Tom Kelly, Enterprise Ireland, being presented with their Award.


Dairy Geyser Ltd., have also won the Kilkenny Chamber Innovation Business Awards, sponsored by Glanbia at an Awards Night at Lyrath Estate Hotel on Saturday.
Pictured is Martin Deady and Syl Lyster receiving their Award.


Martin Deady


His roots are firmly established in the machinery business having worked for many years as a mechanical pipefitter. He proceeded to operating his own retail business in the pressure washer sector before pioneering the double award winning Dairy Geyser hot water boiler.

Syl Lyster

Marketing Sales Executive

Attended St. Kieran’s College, Kilkenny, subsequently qualified with a B.Agr.Sc from UCD Dublin and a Marketing Certificate from IT Carlow. Syl worked with Glanbia as Trading Manager before embarking on a career in the hospitality business. He has now gone full circle and returned to his roots in the agri sector.

Upcoming Events

Dairy Geyser will be attending the following Events in October 2018

Please feel free to call to discuss the Award Winning Hot Water Dairy Geyser.  We can arrange an on site demonstration at your convenience


20th October - Millstreet, Co. Cork


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Special Offer Special Offer

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