Why Buy A Geyser

Why buy a Dairy Geyser?

  • Only oil fuelled heater on the market.
  • Result: Up to 75% savings as against the traditional electrical heating systems.
  • Only heater that can produce sufficient quantities of potable hot water at adequately high temperatures to guarantee low bacterial count including Thermodurics.
  • Result: No monetary deduction from milk cheque.
  • Only heater that can recirculate hot detergent for multiple washes.
  • Result: Reduces detergent costs by up to 75% and reduces residues by 75% to environment.
  • Lowest carbon emissions of any heater on the market.
  • Only machine that lends itself to multiple uses on the market e.g. pressure washing to control Clostridium and Johnes disease.
  • Only machine on the market that qualifies on its own for TAMS grant of €880.
  • Only machine that can be fitted and serviced by user.

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